Master Thesis 2005.3

  • 櫻庭志歩: 鉄筋コンクリート充填鋼管柱の力学的特性に関する実験的および解析的研究 SAKURABA shiho: Experimental and Analytical Study on Mechanical Characteristics Reinforced Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Pillar  鉄筋コンクリート充填鋼管(RCFT)柱は,コンクリート充填鋼管(CFT)柱の充填コンク リートを鉄筋で補強した構造であり,鉄筋を挿入することで強度,靭性および剛性が 向上し,従来のCFT柱より優れた性能を有している.本論文では,圧縮試験と曲げ試験 から,配筋,部材断面の形,コンクリート強度,径厚比の4つの影響について結果を まとめ,この複合構造の耐力や変形性能等の力学的な特性について考察している. しかし,実験で採用できる部材断面や材料特性には限度があり,この構造の耐力に ついて,より詳しく考察するため,建築指針によるCFT円形短柱の軸圧縮降伏耐力式を RCFT円形短柱に拡張し,実験結果と比較することで,拡張式の有効性を確認した. ここで,実験結果と拡張式の降伏耐力に大まかな一致が見られたことから,この拡張式 を十分適用できると考え,部材断面や材料特性等を変化させた傾向解析を行い,これら のパラメータが,RCFT柱の軸圧縮降伏耐力にどのような影響を及ぼすかを検討している. Reinforced Concrete Filled steel Tubular (RCFT) pillar is a structure to reinforce the filling concrete of Concrete Filled steel Tubular (CFT) pillar with the reinforced concrete, and strength, toughness, and the rigidity improve by inserting the reinforced concrete, and a performance that is more excellent than a past CFT pillar is possessed. In this thesis, the result is brought together, and dynamic characteristics of the bearing force and the transformation performance etc. of this composite construction are considered from the compression test and the bend examination about four influences compared with shape in the distribution muscle and the material section, concrete strength, and the diameter thickness. However, the effectiveness of the enhancing type was confirmed by limits' there in the material section and the material characteristic that was able to be adopted by the experiment, enhancing the axis compression surrender power type of CFT round short pillar by an architectural indicator to RCFT round short pillar to consider this structural bearing force more in detail, and comparing it with the experiment result. Here, it thinks this enhancing type to be a very applicable from the observation of a rough coincidence in surrender power of the experiment result and the enhancing type, the tendency to change the material section and the material characteristic, etc. is analyzed, and what influence these parameters exert on axis compression surrender power of the RCFT pillar is examined.
  • ・佐々木寛幸:塑性域の広がりを考慮した木平面骨組構造物の弾塑性解析 SASAKI Hiroyuki:Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Timber Plane Frame Structures Considering Spread of Plastic Portion  近年、地球環境への関心の高まり、木材加工技術の進歩により、林道・市町村道など に木車道橋の架設が増加傾向にある。また、RC橋、PC橋などの一般橋梁の設計法が、 これまでの許容応力度法から限界状態設計法に移行しつつある中で、現在、土木学会 木橋技術小委員会では、木橋の性能照査型設計指針の作成を目指した取り組みが行われ ている。このような現状を踏まえ、木橋などの木骨組構造物に限界状態設計法を適用 するにあたり、その弾塑性挙動を明らかにし耐荷力と終局変位を求めることは、極めて 重要である。 そこで本研究では、塑性域の広がりを考慮した木材はり要素の弾塑性剛性マトリックス を誘導する。そして、本解析手法の有用性を証明するために、それらの公式を用いて、 はり構造、門形ラーメン、アーチ構造などの木平面骨組構造物の数値計算例を示し、 その耐荷力と塑性域の広がりについて検討する。同時に、木平面骨組構造物が境界条件、 荷重条件などの組み合わせにより、どのような破壊形態(引張破壊、圧縮破壊、せん断 破壊)を生じるか明らかにする。 Recently the timber roadway bridge is constructed in the increasing tendency on the forest roads and the municipal roads, etc. by the rise of the concern to the global environment and the progress of the wood processing technology. The approach that aims at making the performance check type design indicator of the timber bridge is being done by Civil Engineering Association Timber Bridge Technological Subcommittee now, while the design method of a general bridge in the RC bridge and the PC bridge, etc. is shifting from the allowable stress degree method to the limit state design method. It is extremely important to clarify the elasto-plastic behavior and to request the load-carrying capacity and the ultimate displacement, when the limit state design method is applied to the timber frame structure such as the timber bridge based on such a current state. Then the elasto-plastic stiffness matrix of wood beam element considering spread of plastic portion is conducted in this study. And the numerical examples of timber plane frame structures of the beam structure, the portal rigid frame, and the arch structure, etc. are showed by using those formulae to verify the usefulness of this analytical method, and the load-carrying capacity and the spread of plastic portion are examined. It is clarified that the timber plane frame structures what destruction form (the tension destruction, the compression destruction, and the shearing destruction) causes by the combinations of the boundary condition and the loading condition, etc. at the same time.