Master Thesis 2001.3

  1. 岡野 雅浩 集成材梁の耐荷力算定に関する研究 ・木材の持つ暖かみ・ダイナミックな構造美の表現。 ・地場産業の活性化によるニーズの高まり。  このように、ランドマークとしての需要が先行する中、木構造物の 弾塑性挙動を明らかにし、耐荷力を求める事は極めて重要である。  そこで本研究では、集成材梁を2次元平面応力状態の直交異方性平板 にモデル化し、異方性複合材料の降伏条件式であるTsai−Wuの降伏条件 式を用い、以下の事について調べて行く。 ・耐荷力に優れた集成材の作成。 ・橋梁部材としての構造特性を明確にする。 OKNO Masahiro: Study on Numerical Estmate Method for Load-Carrying Capacities of Glued imber Laminated Bridge ・Expression of warmth and dynamic structural beauty of wood. ・Rise of needs by activation of local industry. Thus, inside and tree structure thing to which demand as landmark is precedingThe bounce plasticity behavior is clarified, and the thing to request capacity is extremely important. And so,it is orthogonalization anisotropy monotony of the laminate lumber beam in this research in the state of a plane stress of two dimensions there. And the surrender condition of Tsai-Wu which is the surrender conditional expression of anisotropic composite materials. The following things are examined by using the expression. ・Making of excellent laminate lumber in capacity ・A structural characteristic as the bridge material is clarified.
  2. 金 英達 アーチの形状最適設計に関する研究 JIN Yingda: Research in Shape Optimization of Arch Structure The form of arch structure, which can cover the space with huge span, has to be designed mechanically rational. It is because of the characteristic of arch structure that it transmits the stresses acting on it to supports by changing the forces mainly to plane force. If we call the form of the arch as “original arch for planning”, the object of this research is to discuss the viewpoints and the methods used on optimizing the form of the “original arch for planning”. In this research, we suggest the viewpoint of minimizing the elongation energy in optimizing the form of arch. The elongation energy is set as the objective function. The geometric characters of the arch are set as the design variables. The requests in sizing, as well as the balance equations of forces act as constraints. Successive Quadratic Programming(SQP) is used to solve this nonlinear optimum problem. The circle arch with two hinges is anal